Use Diri to work on NSM’s basic principles

If you have completed the “NSM’s basic principles for ICT security” course, you may wonder how you can best work to get this introduced in your company.

The basic principles for ICT security are a framework that has gradually become so good that it is considered the best practice for basic security mechanisms that most Norwegian companies should have in place. Diri can help you with this efficiently and clearly!

Tool for risk management

Diri is a pioneering tool for risk analysis and control of cyber security based on research and many years of experience. You will find several different functions in the tool, and it has a streamlined and user-friendly process for evaluating risk. In other words, Diri is well-equipped to work with ICT security.

Template for the basic principles

At Diri, we have also made it extra easy for you to get started with the basic principles of ICT security. In the tool, you will find a separate template with the fifteen most important principles related to risk so that you are already well underway when you start working. Track the progress of the work and see how the risk picture updates along the way!

Want to test out Diri and see how you can work with this? We offer a free 30-day trial. We are also happy to give you a demo if you want – send us a request!

If you haven’t taken the “NSM’s basic principles for ICT security” course, you can do it for free in October. The course is an e-learning course and takes approximately three hours.

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