What can you do with Diri?

Keep an overview of your cyber risks and privacy compliance, streamline risk assessments and more with the Diri Platform!

Screenshot IT systems.

Get an overview of your IT systems, vendors, and information assets

Establish the connection between IT systems, vendors and information assets and identify the most critical systems or processes.

Illustration task manager.

Get an overview of your tasks and delegate

Diri has a task management system to allow you to follow up on tasks. If you already have a solution, Diri provides API where you can follow up your tasks in implemented solutions.

Follow up your treatments

Identifying information values is key to establishing a good cyber hygiene. We assist you in establishing the connection between process, IT system and vendor and help identify cyber and privacy risk.

Screenshot of treatments in Diri.
Illustration working togheter on privacy and cyber risk.

Collaborate across cyber risk and privacy

Collaborate across cyber risk and privacy by following the same process and having access to the same data.

Data export and import

Import your existing ICT system portfolio into Diri to get started quickly. Export data about your portfolio or specific risk assessments.

Collaborate with task manager

Collaborate across your organisation. Delegate tasks and treatments and follow up on their status.

Single Sign-On

Fast and easy login through SSO login with Microsoft or Google.

Organisational herarchy

Reflect on your own organisational hierarchy structure in the tool.


Upload your previous risk assessment or other relevant documents and connect them with the right processes.


Produce finnished risk assessment reports through our reporting function.

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