Frøydis Barstad is the new CEO in Diri.

New CEO in Diri

There´s much activity in Diri these days, and many exciting things are happening. To make the best possible use of our resources going forward, we have chosen to make some restructuring in the team.

Vebjørn Slyngstadli has been CEO since Diri was started in 2020, and he has expertise in project management, information security, architecture, risk management and risk analysis, O365/Azure and GDPR, etc. Vebjørn now takes up the role of COO in Diri, so this crucial expertise can be used much more than has been possible until now. This will also make him even more accessible to our customers.

Frøydis Barstad, who has been CMO in Diri since February 2022, are from April 2023 employed as CEO. Frøydis has expertise and experience with organisation and management from different types of businesses. In the last year, she has been an active part of the management team and at the forefront of the strategy work. Frøydis has a structured and targeted manner of working and is ready to steer the ship on a steady course.

With this reorganisation in place, we are even better equipped for the road ahead in making cybersecurity risk management easy!