Digital resilience

Meld. St. 9 (2022-2023) National control and digital resilience to safeguard national security were presented on 9 December.

In this report, the government will further strengthen society’s collective resilience against digital threats. The Storting report states, among other things, that a large part of the threats to Norway occurs in the digital space and that it is essential that both private businesses and public bodies take on the cyber threat with the utmost seriousness.

The core business

It´s primarily the section on digital resilience in the report, National control and digital resilience to safeguard national security, that is particularly interesting for a company like Diri. It says, “Competence and knowledge of risks, threats, vulnerabilities and effective measures are a prerequisite for being able to protect our values ​​against unwanted events.” and “The Government will make arrangements for private individuals, businesses and authorities to be aware of the security challenges and have the necessary knowledge of how they can meet them in a good way.”

Because this is precisely what´s the core of Diri’s business. Cyber ​​security risk management with high quality in an efficient and user-friendly way.

Diri = digital resilience

Diri wants to make the cyber world a better place by establishing the best practice within cyber risk. The innovation has a holistic approach that allows companies to assess cyber security without internal experts. The tool is based on the following principles:

  • Based on work processes
  • Flexible and module based
  • Integration with existing systems

The problem of compiling the risk from several assessments Diri aims to solve with a comprehensive dashboard for control, alongside building a bridge between company risk and cyber risk, making cyber security understandable and manageable for risk assessors and executives. The solution is user-friendly and intuitive and guides you through the risk assessment in a defined process that doesn’t require a high level of competence of the user but still produces a high-quality result.

In other words, Diri is an important part of digital resilience!

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