Development of the Diri tool

We have been putting a lot of effort into the development of the Diri application these last months. Migrating data to Norway and a quicker application are some of the changes we have been working on.

Software development and data migration  

Kong Arthur has been our main supplier of software development since Diri was founded. NetNordic AS acquired Kong Arthur AS some weeks ago, so we have moved all development to Diri and we are well underway in building our own development team.

We have also moved and upgraded our production line and migrated our service and data from Microsoft Azure Western Europe to Azure Eastern Norway. Our customer data from now on will be stored in Norway.

Speed and bug fixing

On the technical side, we are currently developing the backend of the Diri application to increase speed and reliability. For those who are technically interested, we are migrating from MongoDB to CosmosDB. The issues some have experienced with scaling and sluggishness when loading large lists will be resolved with this. And best of all, it will make the application superfast.

We are doing continuous bug fixing and infrastructure upgrades. All your feedback and feature requests are much appreciated, and they are all evaluated and prioritised on our to-do list. Updated language files and an upgraded copy function are two of many improved features that soon will be visible in the frontend of the Diri application. So stay tuned!  

Demo and free trial

Haven’t you tried Diri yet? We are happy to give you a demo of the Diri tool! Contact Eric at or +47 977 05 405

Risk Assessment
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