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What can you do with Diri?

Keep an overview of your cyber risks and privacy compliance, streamline risk assessments and more with the Diri Platform!

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Diri privacy

Gather all of your privacy documentation in one system

  • Dashboard to keep you updated
  • Simplify registering of privacy activities
  • Gather all of your documentation
  • Delegate tasks and follow up
Illustartion data processing.

Follow a streamlined process

Diri allows users to follow a streamlined process when doing a data processing activity. The streamlined process assures higher quality and standardised information.

Privacy = teamwork

Diri Privacy encourages the users from your organisation to collaborate to gather all GDPR-related information in one place.  

  • Data processing activities
  • DPIA
  • Role and responsabilities
  • Documents
Illustration teamwork.
Illustration privacy.

Keep your organisation updated

Privacy regulations are constantly under change. We assist you by updating our modules according to latest EU regulations.

Data export and import

Import your existing ICT system portfolio into Diri to get started quickly. Export data about your portfolio or specific risk assessments.

Delegate tasks and ownership

Collaborate across your organisation. Delegate tasks and treatments and follow up on their status.

Copy, re-use and share

You do not have to do things twice, once you can copy and re-use prievious work. Need input from a colleague? send and get their input.

Organisational hierachy

Reflect your own organisational hierarchy structure in the tool.


Upload documents such as previous processing activities.


Built-in reporting tool. Diri provides a fast and simple way to produce your reports.

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