Smart Diri

Smart Diri is heading towards revolutionising cyber risk management for a safer future with decision support automation!

In May 2023, Diri AS and Homesourcing AS became the first fully Norwegian consortium selected for the EU-funded SecurIT project, aiming to advance the state-of-the-art in cyber risk management. The project lasts until June 2024.

Time, quality and knowledge

Cybersecurity is hard, and it is tough to know where to begin without the necessary in-house expertise. The Smart Diri project aims to crack open cybersecurity for non-experts, empowering society to manage digital risks and protect social stability. Diri is a cybersecurity GRC software solution that aids in identifying, assessing, and responding to cyber risks. The goal of this project is to prototype machine learning for major improvements within cybersecurity management. This innovation will save time, improve quality, and provide crucial knowledge for improving cyber resilience.

In the project consortium, Diri AS and Homesourcing AS pioneers state-of-the-art research and development for machine learning in cyber risk management. Homesourcing AS contributes software development expertise and know-how for creating user-centric solutions, ensuring Smart Diri's alignment with real-world needs and opportunities.


For the prototype solution, we aim to utilise machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a recommender system for the streamlined process in Diri. Based on the user’s choices, the prototype will sequentially predict content, provide the user with smart advice, and suggest risks and controls according to best practices. This will benefit the users by saving them time while maintaining the necessary quality of the work.

A lot of work has been put into the project, and we are now seeing promising results. We have a working chatbot version of Smart Diri and are working on further development to adapt it to our streamlined process, in addition to the front-end design of the AI ​​solution.

We are very much looking forward to presenting the final result of the prototype – and, of course, to making it available for our customers!

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