Tired of endless spreadsheets?

Risk management in spreadsheets?

Do you work with cybersecurity risk management in spreadsheets? You are not alone! Spreadsheets are a tool that most people already have available and have been used for various tasks, and therefore have a low threshold for getting started. But is it the best option?

Those who have worked a bit with risk assessments in spreadsheets have usually experienced that it quickly becomes difficult to keep track of and handle when the amount of data reaches a certain level. In addition, there are challenges with different versions, collaboration and follow-up.

Dedicated risk management tools

There are many good reasons to replace those endless spreadsheets with a dedicated cybersecurity risk management tool! Here are some of them, briefly summarised:

Handling of data

Unlike spreadsheets, dedicated risk management tools are built to handle large amounts of data and are scalable when needed.


Risk assessment tools often include automation to help streamline the process of risk management. In spreadsheets, you must manually check and evaluate each risk.


Spreadsheets are vulnerable to data loss, have low traceability and lack integrity. In dedicated risk management tools, the assessments are stored in one place, the security features ensure that only those who should have access get it, and the information is kept up to date.


Spreadsheets are not designed for collaboration and often create challenges with different versions. Dedicated risk management tools often include features, such as collaboration tools, enabling multiple users to work on the same data simultaneously.

Reporting and analysis

Spreadsheets often require much time and are not suitable for reporting and analysis. Dedicated risk management tools often have built-in functionality for reporting and analysis, making it easy to produce and share insights.

Briefly concluded

Dedicated risk management tools are a more efficient and profitable way to carry out risk assessments. The tools are tailored for the purpose, are more secure, easier to use and have more functionality than spreadsheets.

The Diri tool

There are several risk management tools on the market, but Diri is in a class of its own. Diri has a pioneering methodology and software for cyber security risk management. The risk assessment consists of five simple steps and is a new and user-friendly implementation of BowTie risk analysis. This makes it easy to organise and make use of the data. The structure also makes it easy to navigate and you get a much better overview and control! The dashboard in Diri also gives you good visual representations of your risk work, which makes it easier to understand and communicate.

Easy to use

Our state-of-the-art method for risk assessments gives you a streamlined, user-friendly and quality-assured approach to cyber security. It makes it easy to go in-depth and provides excellent accuracy! Diri is adaptable and can easily be configured, and vice versa to spreadsheets – and you won’t find any macros! In Diri, you decide the number of levels and name yourself. The software also has dynamic language support, and everything is available in Norwegian and English.

Screenshot of the tool.

Save time

Diri is a tool that gives you everything you need in one place. In Diri, you can, among other things, copy entire existing risk assessments to new locations and tailor them anew, you can use the cost/benefit analysis to find the most cost-effective risk measures for your ICT system, and you can use Diri to get ready-made risk assessment reports. Diri is about simplifying your work processes – and, compared to spreadsheets, will save you much time!

Collaborate and share

Risk assessments are teamwork! Collaborate in Diri, create high-quality assessments – and share the knowledge within the organisation and with your partners. Diri works both in workshop format and for collaboration between units, and you can add co-owners and invite others to help with the risk assessment.

Effective management

By collecting all risk work in one place, the company gets better management and control of cyber security. You get options for various reports and the assignment and follow-up of tasks/measures give you control. Do you already have a management system for your company? No problem! Diri is built for importing and exporting data and integrates easily into existing systems through the Rest API.


Would you like to know more about the functions we offer in Diri? Read more about this under The tool.

Demo and free trial

We are happy to give you a demo of the Diri tool! Contact Eric at eric@diri.no or +47 977 05 405 for an appointment.

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