Gaute Wangen and Vebjørn Slyngstadli in the pitching competition.

Pitching competition and closing of the Pressure Tank

For the past three weeks, Diri, as one of four selected companies from all over Norway, has participated in “KLP Trykktanken Cyber”. Yesterday was the closing and pitching competition for an external panel.

The Pressure Tank (Trykktanken) is an accelerator program where business ideas with a large market potential are given momentum and direction. The pressure tank has been carried out in Gjøvik under the auspices of CoFounder and is in collaboration with Vaager, NTNU and Digital Innlandet.

Useful for further development

In the Pressure Tank, Diri has worked with two business developers and has been challenged in various areas and received much good input. Vebjørn Slyngstadli, CEO of Diri, is very satisfied with participating in the Pressure Tank. — It’s been long days, but we’ve benefited greatly from working on and shaping the business plan to be as good as possible. This is a great help for the journey ahead.

Good feedback

The Pressure Tank ended with a pitching competition in front of a panel with participants from KLP, Microsoft, Innovation Norway and NTNU – and several listeners, including mayors and municipal directors from several regional municipalities. From Diri, it was Vebjørn Slyngstadli and Gaute Wangen who pitched, and they received much good feedback on the product, business plan and presentation.

— All the companies presented incredibly well, and it was not easy to choose a winner, says Tuva Okkenhaug, CoFounder. In the end, our “company next door “, Mobai, drew the longest straw – and we greatly congratulate them!

— We are now looking forward to receiving further feedback from the panel that has looked at our business plan so we can work even further on it. And, of course, using the contacts we have gained through the Pressure Tank for further growth and development, smiles Slyngstadli.

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