Gaute Wangen, CTO and founder of Diri and associated professor at NTNU, is looking forward to contributing to research within cyber security.

Partner in NORCICS

We are happy to announce that Diri now is a partner in NORCICS (Norwegian Centre for Cybersecurity in Critical Sectors).

Last week, Gaute Wangen, CTO and founder of Diri and associated professor at NTNU, participated at NORCICS general assembly at Gardermoen and presented Diri. - NORCICS is one of the few Centres for Research-based Innovation in cyber security and it is a privilege for Diri AS to be involved. This membership presents an invaluable opportunity for us to collaborate with leading experts and organisations dedicated to enhancing cyber resilience in Norway. By participating in NORCICS, Diri AS can leverage our expertise to contribute to the development and implementation of cutting-edge solutions aimed at addressing evolving cyber threats within critical sectors, says Wangen, who looks forward to contributing to research in the field that’s beneficial to society. - Together, we can contribute to a safer and more secure digital landscape in Norway.

NORCICS vision is to contribute to making Norway the most securely digitalised country in the world by improving the cybersecurity and resilience of her Critical Sectors, through research-based innovation. NORCICs primary objective is to enhance the capability of private and public sector stakeholders to respond to current and future cyber security risks by developing, validating, and operationalising innovative socio-technical solutions.

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