Frøydis Barstad, CEO in Diri, precenting the project at the kick-off in Vilnius in July 2023.

Diri AS and Homesourcing AS are funded by the EU to improve cyber risk management

The NIS2 directive, the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), and the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) are upcoming EU legislations. NIS2 affects essential services, DORA focuses on the financial and banking sectors, and CRA applies to products with digital components. All these frameworks emphasise the critical role of cyber and ICT security risk management.

In May 2023, Diri AS and Homesourcing AS became the first fully Norwegian consortium selected for the EU-funded SecurIT project, aiming to advance the state-of-the-art in cyber risk management. To paraphrase SecurIT’s homepage, the ultimate goal of SecurIT is to bridge key gaps in the security industry by facilitating the development and integration of innovative security solutions through collaboration between SMEs and other research and development actors across sectors.

In competition with 130 project proposals from 271 SME applicants in 38 countries, the Smart Diri project was one of the 21 projects selected for funding. It's a significant honour to be among the distinguished 16% chosen to receive funding, highlighting the exceptional potential of our project.

Smart Diri: Revolutionizing Cyber Risk Management for a Safer Future with Decision Support Automation.

Cybersecurity is hard and it is tough to know where to begin without the necessary in-house expertise. The Smart Diri project aims to crack open cybersecurity for non-experts, empowering society to manage digital risks and protect social stability. Diri is a cybersecurity GRC software solution that aids in identifying, assessing, and responding to cyber risks. The goal of this project is to prototype machine learning for major improvements within cybersecurity management. This innovation will save time, improve quality, and provide crucial knowledge for improving cyber resilience.

In the project consortium, Diri AS and Homesourcing AS pioneers state-of-the-art research and development for machine learning in cyber risk management. Homesourcing AS contributes software development expertise know-how for the creation of user-centric solutions ensuring Smart Diri's alignment with real-world needs and opportunities.

For the prototype solution, we are aiming to utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a recommender system for Diri’s streamlined process. Based on the user’s choices, the prototype will sequentially predict content, provide the user with smart advice, and suggest risks and controls according to best practices. This will benefit the users by saving them time while maintaining the necessary quality of the work.

The expected outcome from the Smart Diri project is a cutting-edge cyber risk management solution that is highly attractive to customers. Utilizing AI, it addresses critical challenges, benefiting society by imparting essential knowledge. Furthermore, we see the potential for improving our current GDPR solution with similar capabilities within both identifying data processing activities and maybe even conducting the dreaded DPIA.

Smart Diri's target audience encompasses small and medium-sized businesses delivering essential and important services for the economy and society. SmartDiri will offer a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique security challenges of these businesses. Join us in reshaping cyber risk management, fortifying defenses, and embracing a secure digital future!

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