Team Diri at Startuplab.

Diri accelerates

Investors are giving Diri good momentum into 2024.

In November, Diri AS was selected as 1 of 9 companies out of 200 applicants to participate in Startuplab's accelerator, which we are very happy about! We get input, assistance and follow-up from several highly competent people in Startuplab and in their network - which is a real boost for further growth. In addition, Diri was selected by Fremtind, a partner of Startuplab through DNB NXT, to follow us in particular, and we work together on, among other things, product development.

Startuplab also invests capital in Diri, as does Komm-In AS, as well as a couple of smaller investors, Mowa Invest AS and Gaute Wangen AS, and we have now landed NOK 4.2 million in funding - which brings us a good step forward on the road. "This is important for the further development of the product and for scaling up the company", says Frøydis Barstad, CEO of Diri. "The aim is to raise a total of NOK 5 million in this round, and with this funding, we will deliver Diri as a module-based tool, we will have a prototype of AI, and scale up sales."

In short, 2024 will be an exciting year with a lot of momentum. "We are very much looking forward to the coming year, and to the opportunities that lie there. And feel free to contact us - whether you want to invest in us in the next round, or if you want a demo of the tool," concludes Barstad.