Cyber Security + Privacy = True

We have exciting news! Diri has taken over the GDPR tool VARN and can now offer a more holistic approach to risk management within IT security and privacy.

VARN is a tool developed by Septer AS that safeguards privacy more simply. In combination with Diri’s risk management tool, we get a powerful and efficient innovation. This gives companies great control over cyber risk and privacy and better-equipping companies to meet future requirements from EU regulations. This will streamline work in both areas and improve the ability to identify and react to risks.

In practical terms, Diri has now taken over the operation of the VARN tool, and we are in the planning phase to build a common platform with two interacting modules. Within a short time, it will also be possible to buy or book a demo of VARN on Diri’s website, but until further notice, this is available on Septer will continue to offer legal help in privacy. We plan to launch a common platform with integrated solutions within 2023.

We at Diri and VARN are proud to be able to offer this upgrade to our customers. And we look forward to continuing our commitment to protecting personal data and managing risks responsibly and efficiently.

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