The mayor of Gjøvik municipality, Anne Bjertnæs, does the official cord-cutting during the opening.

Gjøvik Cyber City

This week Gjøvik Cyber City had its official opening, and Diri is a part of it all.

There is a world-leading professional environment in cyber security at Gjøvik, and this week, Gjøvik Cyber City was officially opened. The first step of Gjøvik Cyber City is a dedicated premise where researchers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and students can work together on new solutions and challenges within cyber. The three start-ups, Aiba, Diri and Mobai, have all moved their offices into Gjøvik Cyber City. – This is a great place to work from, and after only a couple of weeks here, we have already noticed that sharing premises with other start-ups in this way is both nice and useful, says Frøydis Barstad, CEO of Diri.

Gjøvik Cyber City aims to be a national place for cyber security and to get more companies to establish themselves in the region.

The opening of Gjøvik Cyber City took place as a part of FutureTech 24, and the new premises were also the venue for an investor forum.

Diri’s new address is: Studievegen 16, 2815 Gjøvik.

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